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Hey there, welcome! Happy to see you here. My name is Astha Dhengle. I am a student as well as I am pursuing Digital Marketing course from one of the renowned institutes in India. Meanwhile, I have started Blog writing and Content writing and my niche is ‘Technology’. Here’s my website (www.metatechie.com).

Just over a few months ago, I became fascinated by the idea of exploring my passion and sharing it with others! What if you find something really useful and you want to share it with your friends? Isn’t it something different from what we are doing right now? Of course, yes.

After all, there is a saying in Hindi “Gyaan baatne se badhta hai” which means “Your knowledge increases if you share it”.

Imagine if the World’s greatest visionaries and scientists like Einstein, Newton, Steve Jobs, and many others were confined to a room and no chance of interaction, experiment, or learning! Would they still be so great without the knowledge they gained? Of course not!

“Greatness comes with Great Knowledge!”

All the articles I provide are original content. I give my visitor the opportunity to learn and grow with me along with the latest tech updates and techy-tricks!


My goal is here to publish useful and beneficial articles that will help my visitors to stay updated. Also, to create worthy content so that my visitors could share it with their loved ones.
I wish to provide you all the best quality content and make you the part of my little corner of Internet!

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Stay safe, stay updated!

Astha Dhengle