Demand in Cyber-Security is increasing- Why?

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. Hope you are doing well. Today I am here with one of the most interesting topics-Demand in Cyber-security is increasing- Why?

As you know, everything is becoming digital. Due to this, cyber crimes are increasing and it has become easier for the hackers to hack sensitive information which results in the need of cyber-security.  Even largest companies should stay apprised about the security.

Here are some reasons why cyber-security field is growing rapidly and why demand in cyber-security is increasing! Read the second one, it will totally amaze you!

Demand in Cyber-Security is increasing- Why?

Hackers are becoming Smarter

Hackers are becoming Smarter-Demand in Cyber-Security

Now-a-days, hackers are continuously finding new ways to access data. Most common reason behind hacking is to steal or leak personal information and use it later for blackmailing like transferring money or taking loan. However, as hackers are getting smarter, so are the cyber-security experts!

The role of security analyst is to keep watch on hackers and prevent the leakage of sensitive data. They have to create and implement new preventative security in order to defend cyberattacks.

As the number of hackers and their skills are increasing and becoming more advanced, there is a need of growing number of cyber-security experts!

Earning a higher pay- Demand in Cyber-Security.

Earning a higher pay- Demand in Cyber-Security

Very few people know about cyber-security and jobs related to it. As mentioned earlier, the crime rates increasing day by day and more security analysts are required. But due to illiteracy, 37% people in India are unaware of cyber-security and cyber-crime.

The myths believed about hacking reduces the number of people making career towards cyber-security. As a result, the demand for workers increases and so as the payment.

In 2015-16, the median salary for a cyber-security job was around Rs. 7-8 lakhs per annum. While, the annual wage for all workers was Rs. 3-4 lakhs.

Vulnerabilities Everywhere

Demand in Cyber-Security

Not only computers, social media, websites and servers; anything related to technology, based on coding, can be hacked. Hackers are targeting every platform that is based on coding or technology-based.

From cars to airplanes, smartphones to computers, power grids to security system, everything is at the risk of for takeover by the cybercrooks. Along with this, business also need the best security professionals to identify and prevent threats related to the cyber-attacks.

Here also we need cyber-security specialists to cope up with day to day increasing cyberattacks!

Everything is computerized

Everything is digital

One more opportunity given to hackers to steal data is computerization. Due to all the automatic processes in companies and organizations, it has become more easier to the cyber-attackers to leak the sensitive data.

Every computerized system is mostly created by code. These codes can be easily accessed by the cyber criminals. Thus, everything is done digitally.

Here, you need cyber-security analysts to create a defensive way against the cyber criminals.

Career opportunity– Demand in Cyber-Security

Career opportunities- Cyber Security

Apart from the threats and their preventive methods, cyber-security gives a greater career opportunity. There is 28% increase in demand for information security analysts between 2016-2020. Approximately an increase of about 30,000 jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, along with the demand of cyber-security professionals, all-time high positions are also available almost in every industry.

One of the most important aspect of career in cyber-security field is that, many industries apply it. Maybe a government sector or a non-profit to private sector. The highest demand is in industries that manage high ratio of consumer data.

These were just a few reasons, why the cyber-security field is experiencing a rapid growth day-by-day.

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