Google Tricks- You Don’t have any idea about!

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Hello Everyone! Welcome back! Happy to see you here. I hope you all are doing well! Want to surprise your friends with some awesome Google tricks? But how? Here it is! Today I am here with the most interesting topic- ‘Google Tricks- You Don’t have any Idea about!’ I am sure you will be astonished after reading the blog. Sounds great? Let’s see!

Take a look on 5th one. You will be able to play games on google. See how!

Google Tricks- You Don’t have any Idea about!

1. Askew– Google tricks

Askew- Google Tricks

Askew means ‘tilt’. Go to the google homepage and type “Askew” without colons. And see the magic! The search results will askew a bit.

When we search ‘askew’ in the search bar, the appeared webpage gets tilted. As you can see in the image mentioned above, the webpage isn’t straight.

2. Do a Barrel Roll

Barrel roll-Google Tricks

Once you are done with the first google trick, open the search bar again. Search for “Do a barrel roll” without colons. Surprised to see what happened? Yes, the webpage starts rotating. Sometimes we don’t understand what’s happening but whatever going on is nothing more than our search results!

You can see in the above picture, as soon as we search for “Do a Barrel roll”, the results appeared start rotating. Also, we can type “Do a barrel roll twice” instead, it will rotate twice.

3. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush- Google Tricks

Similarly, Zerg Rush is a game created by google in which the small ‘o’ characters destroy search result. Bit funny! But yes, if they are not clicked by the mouse-pointer they start destroying the search results and form “GG” at the end.

As shown in the image above, the small ‘o’ characters start falling and everything on the screen disappears! At last forms two Gs.

4. Gravity- Google tricks

Gravity- Google Tricks

To make Google Gravity work, what you have to do is so easy. Just search for ‘Gravity google trick’. After that click on the very first search result that appeared. And done! You can see everything falling down.

Also, see the image mentioned above, you can clearly see that each and every option present on the top is fallen down.

5. Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout- Google Tricks

And here is the most interesting one! Now we are going to play Atari breakout.

Atari breakout is a game which is actually hidden. The google images turn into a classic arcade video game. It is playable and with a google twist.

When we search for ‘Atari Breakout’ images from the search results get converted into small bricks and stick towards the top. As shown above, a ball and a panel appear to save the ball.

6. Guitar

Guitar- Google tricks

When we search for “Guitar” in the search bar, the google turns into Guitar doodle. Google doodle is made for Les Paul’s 96th Birthday!

Les Paul was the American guitarist and also one of the pioneers of the solid body electric guitar.

7.Google Sphere

Google sphere

Now try searching for “Google Sphere Google Trick”. What happens?

The google elements starts to form a sphere! The sphere moves in a direction same as you move your mouse pointer. It is one of the most comprehensive google image search on the web.

Everything gets gathered in the centre and forms a sphere!

8. The answer to life the universe and everything

The answer to life the universe and everything

And last but not the least, search for ‘The answer to the life the universe and everything’. It gives the result number ‘42’.

According to google, the answer for this search is 42, but what’s the question? Unfortunately, no one knows what the question is and why the answer is 42! The answer was calculated by an enormous supercomputer – Deep before a span of 7.5 million years.

And here, the blog ends!

But I hope you found it more interesting and you must be surprised about the tricks you were totally unaware of!

So, now go and surprise your friends and loved ones by sharing this to them.

Tell me if I had missed out something and also suggest the next topic for the blog. Also let me know the trick that you liked the most.

Don’t forget to drop a comment below!

Hope to see you again with more such facts and tricks. Till then,

Stay safe, stay updated!

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