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Hello fam! Happy to see you again! Welcome back! Hope this blog finds you in a good state. Today I am here with my new blog about some hidden features of Instagram.

You will be surprised about the hidden instagram features after reading this article. And definitely you will love this one!

Must read the third feature, it would help you to ignore direct messages if you don’t want to reply! Did you know how? Let’s see.

Instagram seems simple at first. But once you start exploring it you will find it more complex as well as interesting! Instagram is the most widely used social media platform by the common people and marketers as well. But many of them are unaware of some special hidden Instagram features which we are going to explore today!


Show your status on Instagram DMs.

For this you have to download the official app by Instagram named ‘Threads from Instagram’

Threads from Instagram- Hidden Instagram Features.

It is said to be a fastest and easiest way to stay connected with your close friends. It is launched recently in October 2019. So what? Should you use it? Of course, Yes! Let’s stay updated with our close ones.

  • Install ‘Threads from Instagram’ app which is an official app by Instagram.
  • Select your friends whom you want to show your status.
  • Set the status and send.

Now you can just share your stories with the people you want! It is always better to keep things private than show off. You will now be able to do the same and stay up-to-date with your buddies!


Block Comments- Hidden Instagram fratures.

As the header indicates, blocking comments is restricting someone from commenting on your posts. However, they can still see your posts and reels. Any new comments dropped by them are only visible to themselves. It will not be seen by others except them.

A thing to keep in mind is that, whenever you block someone from commenting, it will not remove the previously added comments. If anyone leaves derogatory comments continuously, you can make their comments invisible to everyone except them.

  • Firstly, you have to access your profile page.
  • Then go to Settings> Privacy. And there you will see the option ‘Block comments from’.
  • It may show that the person left a comment but it will be invisible to others.

Read DMs without the ‘Seen’ tag!

Restrict Account.

You would wonder! How’s it possible? But yes, it is possible. By using some tricks, we can read messages without showing the ‘seen’ tag. Interesting, isn’t it?

As the name suggests, when someone use abusive language on your post, you can limit the user activity by restricting their account. Their chats will be removed to the ‘message request, section. They will not be able to see if you have read the message.

  • Firstly, go to the profile of the user.
  • Restrict their account from the three dots at the uppermost right corner of their profile.
  • Then go to messages, read the message and come back to their profile.
  • After that, Unrestrict the user from their profile.

And yay! You have read their message but they won’t see the ‘seen’ tag.

Hide posts from your profile.

Archive Posts- Hidden Instagram Features.

Instead of deleting the post and regretting later, you can just hide your post. And if sometimes your mind changes and you want that deleted post back! What will you do? The deleted post won’t come back but the hidden/archived post can!

You can see the archived posts just below the ‘Stories Archived’ option. When you open your profile just click the three lines icon, and the first option will pop up- ‘Archive’. From here you can easily hide/unhide your post whenever you want!

  • Go to your profile.
  • Open the post you want to hide.
  • Tap on the three dots in the right corner.
  • You will find ‘Archive’ option there.

And done! You archived your post now. You can unarchive it anytime you want.

So, this marks the end of this blog. Hope you enjoyed the article and learnt new tricks today. Don’t forget to share with your mates!

Suggestions are welcomed! Also, let me know the best part of this blog, that you loved the most. Leave a comment below!

Tell me what you want me to write next! Hope to see you soon with more such facts and tricks.

Stay safe, stay updated!

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