iPhone v/s Android-Why to choose iPhone

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Hello everyone! Welcome back. I hope you are having a good time! Today, I am here with another blog- iPhone v/s Android-Why to choose iPhone.

In the previous blog we were talking about – Why to choose Android Phone over iPhone. Now let’s talk about the advantages of iPhone.

Make sure you read the 3rd one.

Due to several benefits of iPhones over Android, it can be understood easily why iPhones are preferred over android phones. However, choosing between the two, depends on what features and specifications are important to you!

iPhone v/s Android-Why to choose iPhone


Security - iPhone v/s Android

Apple’s iOS seems to put on another stronger layer of security with every system update. Starting with the introduction of Touch ID in 2013, a fingerprint sensor was included in iPhone 5S. In addition to this, iOS 8 and iOS 9 upped the level of security again!

If your device gets stolen, the passcode becomes the barrier between your device and the person. If the passcode attempt fails after 10 incorrect passcodes, you can set it to automatically erase data. Also, Two-step Verification can be done which is now most commonly used by various applications. Along with this, advertisers can also limit the number of ads you may see or hear.

Ease of Use

Ease of use- iPhone v/s Android

Apple is said to be the most user-friendly phone till now! It works faster than android phones. A few people say that look and feel of iOS has not changed throughout the long term however that is really an or more as it works basically similarly as it did in 2007.

Simply get it, turn it on and tap the application you need to open!

Apple has made improvements throughout the long term like Siri and Control Centre yet the iPhone is still exceptionally simple to learn. With iOS 10, Siri and iMessage are currently open to engineers and there are numerous adaptable gadgets accessible for the today screen.

Timely Updates-iPhone v/s Android

Updates- iPhone v/s Android

In case of updates, iPhone beats android phones. Whenever any new update is released by Apple, all phones that are supported get it. While in android phones, let’s pray and hope for the best!

Some programs and base operating system are supplied by google in Android phones and it’s the duty of manufacturer to deliver upgrades. However, every detail is under the control of Apple in case of iPhones.

Hardware and Software

Hardware and software

The iPhone 7’s 3D Touch show is sufficiently shrewd to detect the weight and permits you to make speedy moves from the home screen by long pushing on an application symbol. You can open that email just by tapping on it in your inbox lightly.

You can likewise adjust the sensitivity level yourself.

Apple Pay for mobile transactions

Apple Pay- iPhone v/s Android

Google Pay permits you to begin transactions utilizing a PIN, password, pattern or fingerprint while Apple Pay requires Face ID, Touch ID, or PIN for verification. In case that your device is lost or stolen, both Apple and Google allow you to wipe all your information.

In iPhones, Apple Pay is the prime method for making mobile payments. Also, it is very simple to use. You can just pay by bringing your iPhone near to the payment terminal at the checkout corner.

Apple pay also provides rewards for the respective transaction. All of the rewards are stored in Apple Pay wallet.

And this marks the end of the blog. These were the points I wanted to tell you. I hope you all liked the blog and found it worthy.

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