Rakshita: The Bike Ambulance- Key features

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Hello fam! How are you all? Hope you are having a good time. So, today I am here with another blog- Rakshita: The Bike Ambulance.

Surprised to read about ‘Bike Ambulance’? I too was wondering about this. So, without wasting much time let us start with our blog.

Bike ambulances are a sort of emergency vehicle which either conveys an independent paramedic or specialist on-call for the patient; or with a trailer or sidecar for moving patients. Due to their size and performance, bike vehicles can react to a health-related problem a lot quicker. Quicker than a van, a car, or a fire truck in substantial traffic. Also, this can build endurance rates for patients suffering from heart attacks.

Must read the Significance, you’ll get to know in what ways Bike Ambulance is better than the ordinary one.

So now, let’s take a look on “Rakshita”

Rakshita: The Bike Ambulance- Key features

What is Rakshita Bike Ambulance?

Rakshita: The Bike Ambulance
  1. “Rakshita” the bike ambulance is developed by the collaboration of (Defence Research and Development Organization) DRDO’s Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) with the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).
  2. The 350 CC Royal Enfield exemplary bikes are utilized as Rakshita Ambulances.
  3. Dr. AP Maheshwari, DG of CRPF, and Dr. AK Singh, DS and DG (LS), DRDO are involved in the manufacturing of bike ambulance and unveiled it at CRPF headquarters in New Delhi.

Salient Features:-

Salient features- Rakshita
  1. Rakshita is fitted with a tweaked leaning back Casualty Evacuation Seat (CES). Which can be fitted in and taken out according to necessity.
  2. Some significant highlights are the head immobilizer and the safety harness coat.
  3. It additionally has hand and foot lashes for wellbeing alongside a customizable stool.
  4. It comprises a physiological boundary estimating gear with remote observing capacity and an auto-warning framework for the driver.
  5. The imperative boundaries of the patient could be easily observed on the dashboard-mounted LCD.
  6. The bike is additionally outfitted with air support, clinical, and oxygen kit for on-spot clinical care.

Significance:- Rakshita: The Bike Ambulance

Rakshita: The Bike Ambulance
  1. The bicycle would help the paramilitary forces from distant areas to be taken for medical assistance sooner.
  2. This bike ambulance is valuable for the paramilitary and military powers as well as has potential common applications as well. Where the landscapes don’t permit four-wheeler assistance.
  3. This bike ambulance has relevant features and not bulky.
  4. It would be simpler for the workforce to arrive at the patient and casualties easily and would be cost-effective.

Recent News:

Recent News- Rakshita

Upwards of 21 Rakshita bike ambulances were enlisted into the Central Reserve Police Force, CRPF on January 18, 2021. This is to be utilized for the departure of security forces that harmed faculty from the remotest of the areas.

Director of DRDO Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy appreciated the efforts of researchers for this. Not only native but also financially savvy solutions for a typical test faced by the security forces.

As said by CRPF Deputy Inspector General M. Dhinakaran, “the equipment’Rakshita’ on-the-spot clinical care and harmed transport framework which isn’t simply native and practical. Yet can likewise arrive at blocked off or distant areas by crossing unmotorable streets, slender roads, clogged or unpaved streets. That is generally unavailable by the ordinary four-wheeled ambulances.”

So, this was all about the recently launched “Rakshita” bike ambulance. I Hope you liked the article. Don’t forget to share with your friends. Make them aware of tech updates through sharing! Do comment your views in the comment box.

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