Tech-Facts that you must know! – Top 10

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Hello everyone! How are you all? I hope you are having a good time. So, today I am here with another such interesting blog- Tech-Facts that you must know! Top 10 Tech-facts, what more does your inner tech-geek need!

Do you know the first grocery item that was scanned? Do you know the true significance of “Android” or what female software called? Or then what was the first mouse made up of?

Find the solutions of your tech questions here!

Tech-Facts that you must know! – Top 10

1. Alexa Listens to your conversation, always!

Alexa- Tech-Facts

Alexa is continuously listening in to your discussions. This may not be much different to you but, Siri has been doing up to now!

Your conversation history is stored by Alexa in its cloud. This helps to improve your Alexa experience. However, you can check and delete this conversation history.

2. The first computer mouse was produced using woodTech-Facts

First computer mouse made up of wood.

Previously in 1964, Doug Engelbart developed the first-ever computer mouse! In those days, it was made out of wood instead of using plastic.

The mouse was rectangular in shape and had a little catch on the upper right side.

3. The government used PlayStation 3’s, not for gaming!

Play-station 3 used for defense- Tech-Facts

In the year 2010, the United States of America the Air Force used 1,770 PlayStation 3 programs to assemble a super-computer for the Defense Department.

They used Play-Station 3’s on the defense grounds as it was cost-savvy and “green.”

4. The first item scanned was a Chewing gum packetTech-Facts

First grocery item scanned was Wrigley's Chewing gum.

Norman Joseph Woodland designed the barcode and got a patent in October 1952.

It wasn’t until 22 years after the fact when he was utilized by IBM that the barcode was created to be utilized for item marking and labeling.

Known as the Universal Product Code (UPC), a framework that is still utilized today.

5. “Android” is based on gender– Tech-Facts

Android implies male robot- Tech-Facts

“Android” from a genuine perspective infers a human with a male robot appearance.

The word compared to this word is a “Gynoid” that is referred to a female.

6. Technology is affecting child names

Baby names- Siri, Apple, mac

In 2012, regardless, six infant young girl babies were named Apple, 49 child young baby boys were named Mac, and at any rate, 17 infant girls were named Siri.

Regardless, the amount of youngsters named Alexa in the U.S has dropped from 6,050 out of 2015 (the year Amazon’s Alexa opened up) to 3,053 each 2018.

Alexa was the 32nd most standard name for a girl child brought into the world in 2015 yet dropped to 90th spot in 2018.

7. NASA’s Internet speed is 91GB per second!

Nasa's internet speed-Tech-Facts

In a normal family, the Internet speed is around 25 MB for every second.

That is normally quick enough to watch Netflix with no cradle time

Also, how about we face the reality, if there’s any tech organization that would really utilize them internet speed, it’s NASA.

8. TechnophobiaA few people are afraid of technologyTech-Facts


People have a wide range of weird feelings of dread and fears, and technology is not a special case!

Appropriately named technophobia, this dread originated from the Industrial Revolution and laborers being anxious about the possibility that that machines would take their positions.

It applies along these lines to the present society, just as individuals being frightened of innovation getting too progressed, for example, Artificial Intelligence.

Let us hope that this technophobia doesn’t stop people from reading these tech facts!

9. Mark Zuckerberg has Color-blindness

Mark Zuckerberg is color-blind.

The originator of Facebook deliberately picked a blue shading plan since he has red-green visual weakness!

As far as he might be concerned, blue is the most extravagant and most unmistakable shading that he can see and that is the color that dominates the Facebook website and mobile app.

10. The QWERTY keyboard was initially intended to slow you down

qwerty keyboard- Tech-Facts

At the point when typewriters were presented, composing too quickly would jam the keys. Utilizing a QWERTY console scattered generally utilized characters to back typists off and forestall sticking.

On the off chance that you needed to gain proficiency with a more proficient keyboard, Dvorak is made for speed.

While we’re regarding the matter of keyboards and composing, did you realize that on a commonplace workday, a typists’ fingers will “travel” about 12.6 miles!

So, friends, these were the Top 10 Technology facts that I listed for you! I hope you liked my article. Do share this with your friends and colleagues.

Let me know if I missed out something. Also, Drop down the tech-fact that you loved the most. Which was your favorite one?

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