WhatsApp Banned 2M Indian Accounts!

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Hello everyone, welcome back! I hope you are having a good day. So, today I am here with the latest news!- WhatsApp Banned 2M Indian Accounts!

Between May 15- June 15, WhatsApp banned 2M Indian Accounts, following New IT Rules.

WhatsApp Banned 2M Indian Accounts!

WhatsApp Banned 2M Indian Accounts!

As you know, WhatsApp nowadays is working for its privacy & security. Hence, complying with New IT Rules, WhatsApp banned 2M spam accounts.

This isn’t shocking given that India is the biggest market for WhatsApp. Some industry gauges recommend that India has almost 400 million users, out of the 2 billion dynamic users around the world.

Approximately one Indian uses WhatsApp in five who has WhatsApp.

Latest News- WhatsApp Banned 2M Indian Accounts!

Latest News- WhatsApp Ban

Following the new IT rules, the social media messaging platform- WhatsApp on Thursday, July 15, submitted its monthly report informing that it restricted 2M Indian accounts mostly due to spam messages.

The report submitted by WhatsApp also added that it received 345 complaints between May 15 and June 15.

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In accordance with the New IT rules, digital platforms with more than five million active users will have to submit a monthly compliance report with details of received complaints and action taken against it.

What WhatsApp said?

What WhatsApp said?- WhatsApp Banned 2M Indian Accounts!

While justifying the action, Whatsapp in its official release said that the move was made to keep accounts safe from sending harmful messages.

“Our top focus is preventing accounts from sending harmful or unwanted messages at scale. We maintain advanced capabilities to identify these accounts sending a high or abnormal rate of messages and banned 2 million accounts in India alone from May 15-June 15 attempting this kind of abuse,” WhatsApp added.

What is the next step?

What is the next step?- WhatsApp Ban

The company additionally clarified that the number of accounts banned has risen altogether since 2019. Around 8M accounts are prohibited/banned globally on a normal each month.

“We expect to publish subsequent editions of the report 30-45 days after the reporting period to allow sufficient time to collect data and validation,” WhatsApp said in its statement.

New IT Rules

New IT Rules- WhatsApp Ban

The New IT rules came into effect on May 26, 2021, in order to prevent abuse and misuse of social media platforms.

Other Digital platforms including Google, Twitter & Koo have already submitted their reports.

  • Social media companies should remove nudity & pornography content within 24 hour of complaint.
  • The appointment of a grievance officer, chief compliance officer and nodal officer in India is mandatory to take action against the complaints.

Precautionary Measures:

  • You should use authentic app on playstore.
  • Avoid sharing malicious links.
  • Avoid using WhatsApp Add on apllications.

So, here is how you can prevent your account from banning.

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